Seasonal Fast Day Meal

Having consulted with the boss, this is our Fast Day meal plan for Not-Christmas on the 25th Dec:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta & Sage

I’m taking this recipe for roasted sprouts at 109 kcals/serving then adding to it 100g of chestnuts (plus 65 kcals) and adding a medium skinless chicken breast each for a further 162 kcals. Total so far = 336

On the side:

Braised red cabbage with cider & apples. Not my usual recipe for braised cabbage but variety is good, yes?

166 kcals/serving

502 kilocalories! not many flavours missing there, really.

I’ll cook half quantities, leaving sufficient left over for a second meal. A non-fast day, with roasted goose fat potatoes and maybe some seasonally flavoured sausages.

Looks like a plan to me.

Tuesday’s shopping list updated appropriately. Time now for a soak in the bath, my work being done.

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