Bleugh! – or should that be Brrr!

Feeling decidedly below par today after a sleepless night fighting (unsuccessfully) a migraine. It’s not too bad, I only feel nauseous when I move. So I’m keeping quite still. Oh, my. I need to go to town tomorrow.

The weather has taken a turn and I battled the elements when taking the rubbish out. Those snow pellets hurt! We have a snow warning in place until mid morning tomorrow, this may affect my shopping trip.

Today’s 500 kcals are coming in the form of Fusilli with a vegetable sauce – a ratatouille kind of thing. I’ll add plenty of chilli to that to keep us warm.

I have found that a brisk walk in the fresh air can help rid me of my headaches – I’m passing on the fresh air part today but will try the treadmill later.

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