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So, when I said that I had looked in all our likely cookery books, I thought we had 2 Sarah Brown’s. It turns out that we in fact have 3 of her books and one was in a different place and it had the recipe that we were seeking. Our joint memories were in the end reasonably accurate. It’s called Baked Cabbage with Chestnuts and is, as I pondered, made in a pudding bowl. The recipe calls for cabbage, chestnuts, leeks, mushrooms, lemon juice, paprika and dill. I’m short only of the chestnuts and plan to stock up on those in town next week, along with a long list of healthy staples for the 5:2 recipes.

Last night’s dinner was rather less than healthy and we really did push the boat out, with olives and sherry whilst we cooked.  The main course was spaghetti (we cooked less of that than usual) with scallops and pancetta in a cream and white wine sauce. A simple salad of tomatoes and rocket with onions and cucumber on the side and a small amount of crusty bread to mop up the juices. Pinot Grigio and a  pud of fruit, ice cream and chocolate ginger sauce left over from last week.


Today we are having simpler fare and returning to a favourite veggie dish from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Mollie Katzen: Influenced Vegetable Stew.

One thing I wanted to note was that in the Community Shop I spotted a presentation box of some fat-free dressings. I put them back on the shelf when I saw the price but thought on it and in the end, we did buy them. I am so pleased that we did! Last night’s salad really came to life with a drizzle of the chilli dressing added to it.

The set includes Garlic, Lime, and Raspberry dressings with the Chilli one. They are made in Scotland (yay!) and come from Cochrane Cottage. They have either 5 or 7 Kilo Calories per tablespoon of dressing and will, I think really add some flavour punch to those 500 calorie days. I believe that for people who love food as much as Mr L and I do it is imperative to have something tasty and interesting to eat when calories limit the plate. These dressings will help.

I found a web site: Cochrane Cottage. Sadly t he shopping cart will not work for me, or I would have purchased two of the balsamics – the ginger one looks gorgeous!

I’ll report back on the other flavours taht I do have, as and when, but have to say I am intrigued (maybe horrified) by the prospect of Garlic with chocolate and vanilla!

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