Recent spinning

I finally found some good daylight in which to photograph my recent spinning

Recently on my wheel

Two skeins of lumpy bumpy merino from The Yarn Yarn’s Merino pencil roving, and a small skein of the remaining pink to go with it.

lumpy bumpiness

I had a multicoloured roving, which I spun thick and thin and well-slubbed. And I had a toning pink, which I spun very much finer. Plying the  two together made the two big skeins, 138 gms total. The remainder made the pink skein.

I think a hat?

I am calling this yarn Delightful – because it is. It certainly fills me with delight and I feel like it is a major achievement.

The fourth skein is from the Shetland X fleece that I dyed back in January. I am calling this one Backaskaill as the colours recall the colour of the sea in Backaskaill Bay.


Aren’t the colours gorgeous?

It is another adventure in thick-and-thin. The thick single is spun on Constance, my Trad, and  the very fine single is spun on Hebbie, my Haldane.

This skein is washed and smells as good as it looks (Eucalan!)

Best of all? Absolutely no bias in this skein 🙂

I have two more bobbins of fat ready to ply just as soon as I have spun sufficient thin singles to go with it.


  1. March 3, 2008

    Oh my goodness – that ‘delightful’ most certainly is! It’s gorgeous! I love it.

    As for mitt patterns, one of my tutors mentioned that she found plenty free mittens patterns just by doing an internet search (they were for child’s mittens though).

  2. March 3, 2008

    Thank you, Carole.

    yes, there are plenty of free patterns, but there’s a lot to choose between free knitting patterns. Some are just really poorly done and there is nothing like a personal recommendation from a happy knitter.

    I am doing mitts, not mittens – which is my personal distinction for those old-fashioned half mittens (think Kate Greenaway’s little girls or Miss Haversham, or something) I don’t think I am up to fingerless gloves, or any kind of gloves, just yet, but I am sure I can master a thumb…

    I’m currently trying to do these


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