Knitty fun

I could have sworn that I heard Mr L mutter something interesting yesterday. And I what I thought I heard him say was “I was thinking about knitting again.” So, I asked him this morning. Yes, his mother showed him how to knit and he quite enjoyed the process. He said that he could never learn to cast on or off or get the hang of the purl stitch but that he liked to knit back and forth. I asked if he really wanted to start again, and he says – yes. We both think that he would find the process therapeutic.

He wants to knit blanket squares for now, just garter stitch. That’s fine. We can sew them up into throws for the camper.

I’m going to sort out some yarn and needles for him and get him going on his first square. I wish I had some ordinary DK or Aran but he’ll have to start with some handspun Jacob, I think. I think I could maybe knock off something remotely knittable now, if I try.

Maybe we will get a man into craft group yet. 🙂

And when do I persuade him that he needs to spin his own yarns?

For now, I think I need to find him some short needles – I don’t want to give him the bamboo in case he knits tightly and snaps one. I have some old plastic needles but they are 15″ and he may find those unwieldy. I need some old-fashioned short steel needles. I wonder what they have hidden at the back of the shelf at the Stores.