Random Acts

RAK posts usually get posted over at Fairhand but I am delighted to have discovered a Ravelry group, UK RAKs. And here’s my first parcel, ready to send, It’s an alphabetic organised (therefore not-so-random) activity and I am sending “R” – could you guess? That means that in time I shall receive “Q” – and I am all agog to see how my sender copes with that!


I like a proper parcel – paper, string and sealing wax!

Although it’s a Ravelry swap I haven’t concentrated on knitting or fibre, but I did keep the hand-made content high. I hope that my recipient likes at least some of the goodies in the box. I totally forgot to photograph any of the contents. Stupid of me.

Want to try and guess what is in it? All items begin with an R, or are R-related.The box is about 8 ins * 8 ins * 5 ins. Go on, it’s a tradition at this time of year. I’ll let you rattle it if you like…

EEK! I’ve just realised that I have been so engrossed that I completely forgot about Spinning! Maybe just as well – I’m at home with the birthday boy and helping to keep his spirits up, supplying coffee etc. He’s a bit stressed out this week, after 3 days sick leave last week.

Oh, I promised increased cat content, so here’s Teddy as seen this morning, in his favourite spot.

Royal Teddy

Flattened out, belly pressed to the residual heat in the hotplates of the Rayburn Royal.

I’m going to have to move him so that I can make the lunchtime risotto…

Knitting update… you want a knitting update? The superglue repair on the square circulars is holding up and I am mid-heel flap on the second sock. Pain in my arm kept me off the needles for the last couple of days. The mitts still need their ends darning in. The second water sock is halfway down the leg. Ingrid has made no progress. Neither has the BSJ.

I gave Mr L the Pythagoras Scarf (Hypotenuse Wrap) for his birthday as neither socks nor mitts were ready. He said, “Haven’t I already got a scarf?” I retorted that it is impossible to have too many scarves in Orkney.


In Other News: we are engaged in solving the annual Logica Armchair Treasure Hunt. Why not join us?