Quietly does it

It has been a quiet week – sorry. No, I did not reach my exercise targets last weekend, nor have I yet. Yes, I have been lazy and kind of off-colour, though not in any way that I can define.

Knitting has been done. Yarn has been purchased (yes, more! I blame the Yarn Harlot)  though none has been delivered (and I am becoming anxious.)

Diets have been cheated on.

It snowed, a little, just a few flakes.

Generally there appears to be a case of Winter Mugwumps around here. Nothing much that the arrival of my Colinette parcel would not cure. I emailed them this morning to ask if they have Tracking info. It has been over a week now.

The Warriston sweater that I cast on last Sunday night and worked on at Spinning on Monday continues to make progress. Perhaps too much progress as my hands are very ouchy ouchy today. I think that I should try to find some Symfonie or Nova tips to swap in. I do hate knitting with the Spectras but they were the only 5.00 mm needles that I could find spare. I may have to rob another project.

The pocket/bottom border section is done and the pockets are bound off. I do like the icord edging, very much. The border section took almost exactly one ball of yarn. I am  into the body now and about halfway through the second ball of wool since I took Warriston to bed with me last night and knitted my way through three episodes of Fargo. I love stocking stitch, so easy to knit in the dark!

Actually, it would be far easier and much faster if only it were on straight needles. Progress (for me) is so slow on circulars. It is a little unfortunate that my current live projects are both on circs. I should have arranged matters more sensibly.

Definitely not a diet day today, I am making a sausage pie and mushy peas. Some days require comfort food. Tomorrow is likely to need comfort food too so we are planning a pizza. I bought some pork mince this morning and am going to try to emulate that old Pizza Hut classic, the Deep Pan Cheese Feast with Spicy Pork and Mushrooms on top. It’s OK, it’s zero calories because I shall serve a salad on the side.

What? No? Really?  You know, I always thought it was true. Then I guess I have eaten a lot of salad in my life to no good purpose at all 😉

We almost hit a kamikaze chicken this morning but Mr L slammed the anchors on and the chook escaped unscathed – not so my shopping, which was distributed all over the car floor.

Very lucky when we got to Lady to coincide with the arrival of Jean’s beautiful free range eggs. Our girls are clearly on strike. Odds-on they will present us with the goodies now that I have had to buy some.

Right – I’m away to make some pastry. Mr L is lighting the fire and he is going to play with Lego, whilst I spin. Bottles of wine may be consumed.

In the mail today – nothing for me. He has been getting exciting stuff all week… Raspberry Pi, glow in the dark keyboards, Lego bricks… all I get is anticipation rebuffed, and rude letters from Capita about a TV licence that I don’t require.

Can’t wait for my yarn parcels. So much goodness. What? Oh, it was the Fox Paws that got me going and I ordered some Drops Alpaca to make one with. No, really, absolutely no idea how I am going to fit it all in:

  • Complete Windswept shawl (about 30% done)
  • Complete Warriston (20% done)
  • Wash grey alpaca 4ply and make a Grey Havens
  • Wash and dye Cashmere/Cotton and knit an Angelina
  • Make a Thousand Branches Kimono (maybe – maybe something else)
  • Knit a throw from the other Colinette kit, probably a Denali
  • Finish spinning my North Ron 3ply Aran
  • Spin the two slivers I got from Colorsong in January
  • Knit a Fox Paws scarf – at least that is one project that I can knit on straights.

And that’s without considering the remaining UFOs in the heap and the SABLE stash or my desire to knit a Swirl.

I should probably get a shift on.

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