Outlook clearing

Well, no sooner had I declared a bad case of the Mugwumps than something happened to cheer me up!

Three times now I have been contacted by Flickr viewers wishing to use one of my images. The third request just arrived.

In the past I have been asked for permission to use a photograph of an old headstone in the graveyard at Wanlockhead and  one of a flock of Soay Sheep in Glenlivet.
Memnto Mori

Both were requests from Scandinavian museums. How remarkable is that? Although the same headstone was also requested by About.com…

So, believe it or not, today I have been asked for this image…
Old Pane

… by a third Scandinavian museum! I mean, what are the odds?

I am pleased to agree to this request – this is one of my favourite photographs and I have always loved it, though few folk appear to appreciate it as much as I.

It is going into a brochure for  Fredriksdal Gardens & Museums in Helsingborg, Sweden, in a six image spread. With a credit.

Of course not one of these requests carried any offer of payment.  Maybe one day… one day, I’ll sell an image.

All the same, I’m chuffed.

It is also very nice to be reminded of this picture and to see it again. I took it in 2005, I think, in the garden at Skylight Cottage just after we moved in. Possibly the actual day that we moved in or the one after, if I remember correctly.


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