We are beavering away at the puzzles in every free moment that we have. Yesterday we solved one over morning coffee and the second in odd moments between then and lunch. The hints for yesterday’s unsolved pair have not helped us today. So far today’s puzzles are proving largely intractable, though I can report one solved before lunchtime. Lots of work to do on them yet.

(later) (much)

I wrote that wee bit yesterday and then found no time to return to it. Yes, the puzzles are keeping us busy. The solve rate is not reflecting the effort, so far. Monday 2/4; Tuesday 1/4; Wednesday 1/4.  All for five points each.  Currently in 47th place, of  114 teams on the leaderboard.  So, not doing well at all this year. We shall continue –  it is after all, our kind of fun.

I wanted to show you these – looking much smarter after a coat of Mod Podge.



And this week’s mail:


And I wanted to report back on how much I am enjoying both new fountain pens – the wee blue one especially is a lovely writer. The Lamy writes well too but is more of a flourishing pen, whereas the blue one does nicely for postcards.

And I don’t care in the last that I am starting sentences with a conjunction. It’s a “wearing purple” kind of thing as I defiantly stare 60 in the face. Can I cancel my b’day? I’d rather do puzzles than go to town to shop for food  for a celebration that I do not really want or care about. It’s just a number. Just another day. With added bus pass. That’s all. I’ll take that bottle of Veuve Clicquot that’s hiding in the fridge, though. Yes, I shall have that, at least.

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