PS4 North FO: Joy without Joy

Laeticia – a sock pattern from the Twist Collective, by Stephanie van der Linden. I knitted these for myself from Toddy, my favourite sock yarn from The Yarn Yard. Colour 631  is a semi solid – green, with blue overtones.

Not washed or blocked yet
Not washed or blocked yet

The unusual name for this project came about when I looked up the meaning of the name, Laeticia. It is a Roman name, meaning “Joy.” As Joy is a name with less than joyful connotations in this household, I wanted to rename these socks. I was going to call them “Rejoice.”

This thinking happened on the same day that I was drafting a PS4 North post, about Northerness, which has yet to come to fruition. Without giving the game away too much regarding that post – “Rejoice” put me in mind of a hymn that we sang a great deal at school – an Advent hymn beginning with the line “Hills of the North rejoice!” To keep the Latin connection gooing, I googled to see if I could find a translation. I came up with a somewhat dodgy one – Gaudete, Boreae Montes et Flumina – and thus the socks were named.

Green of the Day, Finished Object
Green of the Day, Finished Object

Cast on Date:
Mar 02, 2009

Cast on: Long Tail, magic loop

Pattern: Laeticia by Stephanie van der Linden

Yarn: The Yarn Yard Toddy

Colour: 631

Needles: 2.75mm Kollage square 60cm circulars

Stitches: 64

Pattern Repeats: n/a

Blocked: No

Finished Size: UK women’s 7

Cast Off: Grafted

Cast Off Date: Apr 07, 2009

Ravelry Project: Gaudete, Boreae Montes et Flumina

These socks were a fun and speedy knit. Each sock took just two days to knit. I enjoy knitting socks from charts, it seems to speed the whole process up as opposed to the seemingly slow acres of stocking stitch or rib that would otherwise ensue. Give me lace socks any day!

The chart sections turn out to be far simpler than the sock would suggest at first sight – I would not hesitate to suggest Laeticia to the first-time lace knitter.

Laeticia socks finished
Laeticia socks finished

These are lovely socks and I shall almost certainly make more pairs.