Feeling my Age

I have an upcoming birthday (19/5). The NHS have sent me an advance birthday present (12/5). Now I know how old I am for certain!

This is my first scheduled mammogram. I’ve had one before, when I had a wee scare a few years ago. But this is the first one that tells me that I am now over 55.


How did that happen? I swear it was only last year that I was 17!

Excuse me, I am going  to go and fondle a few skeins until I feel soothed. Maybe I’ll come up with one for the Herringbones…


  1. April 8, 2009

    My mother remained 32 till my brother caught up with her….

    • April 9, 2009

      @Heather Cawte, yes, there are some significant drawbacks to having children 🙂 Can’t quite get my head around the idea that mine are in their thirties.

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