Predictions ’09

Crystal Ball, with socks in my future
Crystal Ball, with socks in my future
  1. Absolutely no resolutions around here!
  2. Undoubtedly ’09 will be the Year of Stash Busting
  3. A safe prediction therefore is that there will be socks. The sock yarn stash is sizable. Enough for a pair a month without having recourse to new purchases, that’s for sure.
  4. Otherwise, I predict a shift to multi-skein projects.
  5. Probably involving greater challenge
  6. I also see a move towards clearing the WIPs pile and having fewer live projects at any one time. This may be a whole-year project, but the pile will come under control at some point.
  7. There will be more spin-to-knit as there is fleece stash to bring under control, as well as yarn.

Socks I would like to knit next year include:

All depends on matching stash to pattern effectively, of course, and I fear I have insufficient solid yarns and also insufficient broad striping yarns to achieve most of these projects. I may be facing a year of “Simple Socks” !

Of course, I have socks on the needles for completion and I may not be rid of those for several months yet. There’s plenty of variety in those – Pomatomus, and Mingus in particular offer a few twists and turns.