Bright Spark

Bright SparkIn today’s mail: It’s [url=]a toaster[/url] to go on the gas ring. Brunhilde is a Continental lady. Seems that Continental-built campers lack grills and ovens, whereas Brit-built vans boast usually a grill and sometimes the oven too.

We have been missing toast and I cannot begin to tell how challenging I find cooking on the go when I have no oven to fall back on.

There is at least a cheap solution to breakfast toast!

Later on, when we start going on longer trips and are forced to spend some time on sites, I shall add a [url=]Remoska[/url] to the lineup in my travel kitchen but it’s not much use when wild camping miles away from the nearest hookup!

In the meantime, remind me to pack the marmalade next time we go away.