The bed’s too big without you

The bed's too big without youWe are a little down in the dumps today and Teddy  is all alone on our big bed. We woke to find that Ted’s buddy, Treacle was feeling proper poorly. He is having problems with his breathing but is clearly not viral as his eyes and nose are clear and his ears are cool – but he is not himself at all, with his head all droopy and his lack of feist (he did not complain at all when I picked him up, he normally wriggles and struggles and demands to be let free from this undignified situation.)

Of course, as we are in refit, it was impossible to book the car onto the ferry today so Mr L has gone off as a foot passenger with Treacle in a cat box.

I think Teddy knew something was up as for the last couple of days he has been wandering the house, shouting at us. I thought Spring had arrived in the feline veins but now I realise that he was not getting his normal interaction with his best buddy and was feeling all out of sorts himself. 

They have both had extra cuddles today. I was alarmed to find that Treacle has lost weight. 

There has been extra Dysoning today too – I don’t quite know what to do without my best buddy either. I shall make him a pizza for his supper when he gets home. Special reward for what is bound to prove a miserable day – he’s a bit hampered with a middle of the afternoon appointment and a sick cat so I expect he’ll spend his time until the 4pm boat in the ferry waiting room. Not fun.