A semblance of work

Missed blipping yesterday as, along with many of BT’s customers, my Internet connection being hopeless yesterday morning threw my entire day out. We did the weekend shopping and some major tidying and bonfire-burning (alas for my laundry!) then made pizza and that was it, the day was done – just time for a hot bath and the Guardian crossword in bed.

I was up and at ’em early – for a Sunday – today. All because my beloved bought some roast pork yesterday for our tea today – I needed to crack on and get some bread rising. I would far rather have been hugging the duvet, in tradiitonal weekend manner.

My next task was in the H&S department, as Mr L wanted to patch the roof before the next rain comes. I dutifully saw him up the ladder and passed the mortar up. I elected to pass the time pulling a few weeds until he was ready to come down again. Then I hit myself on the head with the roof ladder – don’t ask how. Had to come in for a little sit down after that, so my weed pile still awaits collection.

The bread has been in the oven and come out again; the laundry has been out on the line and back in again – and it’s still only lunch time. It feels unnatural.

Back to the Guardian crossword later – we failed to complete it last night, despite having got the theme and 7 of the themed clues. Damn you, Puckoon.

Now, where’s my copy of War ?