Mugging Up

Many years ago, a good friend and colleague took a trip to Dublin. We had talked about taking the trip together but work got in my way. He brought me this mug back as a consolation. (The Guinness apparently did not travel well) The mug lived on my desk at work and was kept for visitors’ use.

Since I acquired the mug, I have ditched the job but also acquired a husband – and he now uses the mug daily.

Fast forward to bed last evening, and phase 2 of the weekend’s assault on the Guardian Prize Crossword. We were short of one themed answer. Mr L suddenly shot out of bed and I heard chinking from the general direction of the dishwasher. My man returned to bed and the crossword grid…. “Synge!” he said, triumphantly.

Thanks, Andy, for my mug. It came in handy eventually xxx