Pine Cone off the needles

My Pine Cone Scarf is off the needles – I completed it at spinning group this morning. At 15 pattern repeats on each end, it is rather long.  I may have overdone it. Comments relating to Dr Who were made. *blush*

Now ready to block (how do I do that in secret?) and fringe.

It’s gorgeous, actually – really scrunchy and textural. The double thickness will be just the job in the biting winter winds, when we go out on the beach with the dogs. The colours are gorgeous too, and quite masculine enough, I think. I’ll do photos after blocking.

Now I want to do a matching hat.

And maybe some mitts.

Did I mention that a duplicate parcel of Kureyon arrived?


Spinning group was good today. We had pizza! We also had cake with chocolate on the top. And a very useful and exciting discussion, which I think should be under wraps for now – but watch this space for an exciting announcement from The Sanday Spinners.

Managed to spin some more this afternoon and I have all but completed 2 of the three bags of BFL tops. It is taking me forever, but I am very pleased with what I am doing. Just kind of ready for a change, you know?

Now the Pine Cone Scarf is finished, I plan to finish off some UFOs. I am going to town tomorrow so I’ll take my second Hedera sock to complete on the boat. I might just start myself a scarf when the sock is finished. I know the Clapotis needs finishing but I fancy running up a quick cat’s paw scarf with the commercially spun BFL that I have in my stash. Mr L is not the only one who needs to keep warm this winter! Or maybe I should just do myself a pine cone? I’ll only end up borrowing his… it is very nice.