Frog Pond

I’m 80% decided in favour of ripping out the Clapotis.

  1. I’m knitting it in a yarn I did not intend to use
  2. I don’t like the colour pooling in it
  3. I was using the weak sections of yarn, because I was short
  4. I was feeling I would have been happier knitting it a little narrower
  5. I’d rather have it in the intended yarn, which is now to hand
  6. If I re-knit it, I can make it narrower, which will please me, and also generate some spare yardage to make it longer, which will make me feel easier about the whole project.
  7. It’s a quick and easy knit so won’t take long to get back to the point I am already at
  8. The yarn can be recycled into multiple My So Called Scarf” projects, or rather – multiple projects that include at least one practice run at  My So Called. I want a My So Called, and I have the perfect yarn for it, that I really do not want to waste or spoil – so practise I will.
  9. I need the needles!
  10. I know without a doubt that I will complete a Clapotis project because I adore the heft and drape of the thing in the aran silk, but I’m not keen on all that sherbet orange, at all – if I complete the current Clapotis, I might never use it.
  11. I cannot have sufficient scarves and wraps, so long as I live in Orkney. It’s not feasible to overdo it.
  12. Yarn is never wasted.

So the plan is to cast on a So-called with the second skein of the orangey-purple stuff and see if I like the way that it is going. If I do, I’ll carry on. Then I’ll rip the Clapotis and cast it on again with the favoured shade at a slightly later date.

Sounds like a good plan, yes?

I have the day to myself today so I am going into a knit frenzy. I can fringe the Pine Cone Scarf in secret and put that to one side and feel good about placing a big tick on my WIPs. Then I’m going to finish my Hedera socks, before casting on the So-called.

First, though, I have to bake bread and clean the fridges out.