Photo Class

My first photography class was this afternoon. There were five of us, plus teacher, with one more to join us next week. Today was reserved mainly for the usual get-to-know-why-we-are-here stuff and Dominique also familiarised herself with the level of kit available to us. Then she sent us out and about on a twenty-minute photo-shoot, with the mission to photograph the juxtaposition of circles and lines.


Circles and Lines on a drain cover


One of my favourite shots from today – I have always been drawn to “beautiful decay” and rust is a complete magnet to me.

Should you be interested in seeing more of my adventures on these two courses, I am keeping a record in a new blog. You can find a post there with the full set of images from today. I shall be looking at some of them in more detail later.

There is homework to be done! The Quality of Light.

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