Well, that was interesting

Last night in bed I realised how great I was feeling. I have had an interesting old week of it and it has left me feeling

  • pleased
  • energised
  • positive
  • hopeful
  • satisfied
  • ambitious

at the very least.

I have

  • been to a drawing class and had my very limited abilities thoroughly taxed
  • designed and knitted a second pattern for handspun yarn
  • spun some incredibly fine 3ply yarn
  • conquered a knitting pattern that had been giving me grief
  • experimented with a new recipe and produced some very tasty goodies
  • installed a new HD and Windows 7 and updated my applications, learning and updating skills along the way
  • been to a photography class and produced a photoset of 17 images
  • made a new web site/blog

There is a down side – I find myself wanting stuff that I cannot afford (lenses, tripod, lights etc. etc.) and I have also fallen down on promises made to myself early in the week — yes, I foolishly believed that it would be possible to draw something every day. No, I have drawn nothing since the class on Tuesday. I will try harder today. I will.

This coming week I am absolutely going to have to rise earlier and fit more into my days – time is just running away from me. I need to do the daily drawing. I need to figure out my photo assignment and actually do it. I need to do more drum carding/spinning/UFO completion. All this and I have some learning objectives that I have set for myself as well – and I plan to bring that together in the new blog with a few posts and some links research etc. I also want to develop the blog with a few plugins that are presently challenging my coding abilities. So, add PHP to my list of learning objectives too…

An interesting week, indeed — and it would seem that life is set to become ever more interesting in the coming weeks.

There is new yarn in the mail today. I have not opened it yet – I’m going to try to get a decent photograph and display it on Tuesday, but Monday is earmarked for a big trip to town. We shall have to see how the time goes.


  1. September 17, 2011

    The recipe looks quite straight-forward. Having tasted the results, I might try it once our kitchen’s sorted!

  2. September 18, 2011

    Good photos are about in the right place at the right time (usually) and with an eye for what looks pleasing. I have friends who are professional’s who are amazed at what I manage to snap with my little point and shoot. The only time I ever wish for more technology is when I’m taking pictures of red and purple yarn and fibre…

    • September 18, 2011

      True, up to a point – and some of my personal “best” photographs were taken with a Kodak Instamatic in my teens and early twenties. In fact that is most likely where my love of the square format comes from.

      But you cannot escape the fact that for natural light shooting at slower exposures, a tripod is an absolute must… that or a faster lens…. Then if you live in a wide open landscape, there’s the lust for ever-wider lenses – which will never be satisfied as the camera simply does not work as the human eye. I’ll settle for stitched panoramas, once I learn enough to control the exposure over several frames. Or I could do a Hockney…

      Mostly I’d like a more modern big zoom lens for wildlife shooting. Mine is old and heavy and my cheap tripod cannot support it – it takes fabulous shots with support (and an absence of wind) but in all these years I have only managed a couple of worthwhile shots with it.

      Like this!

      Sufficient to have me dream of owning a more manageable one. I’d also like a fast prime lens for doing natural light portraits. Oh, and a really good macro lens.

      And so it goes on…

      But what I would really like. What I would really, really like is a full frame DSLR. Or the cash and the space for a darkroom.

      Are you listening, Santa?

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