Paying it forward

I’ve won a skein of sock yarn on Ravelry, for apparently helpful notes on my Lady Lismore project. See the yarn here (Rav users). I like to pay things forward so if you like the yarn and fancy a pair of socks or a sock yarn shawl/scarf, whatever, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. We can arbitrate on the pattern but it must be one that I want to make (or it may never be finished!)  If there is interest from more than one person, I’ll do a quick and dirty draw on it. You have until Sunday Midnight UTC to request.

There was a time when I was planning to offer out the Lady Lismore itself but, you know what, I like it far too much. It also  has two skeins of expensive American indy-dyed yarn in it so was pretty costly too. All things considered – I’m keeping it.

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