Out of touch and out of time

We have been way for three nights and off-grid in the Galloway Forest Park, wilding. No phones, no Internet. We had a marvellous time, even though the weather might have been kinder.

There was much peace and quiet and there were Red Deer (pictured) and Roe Deer (not pictured),

Arran at the Red Deer Range

and goats,

One of the goats from the Wild Goat Park, wearing its feed upon its head

and many Red Kite, and dark, dark skies… lit by Merry Dancers and there were long walks punctuated by much rain.There was also an extremely long detour and some highly “interesting” roads.

There would have been far more photographs, had it not been for the rain.

We stopped overnight: at the Deer Range; in Glentrool by the side of the Cree; and at the side of the Raiders Road –  each night having our chosen spot to ourselves.

Today we came home via Dumfries, intending to spend some of the Retirement Vouchers in WH Smith’s. We were after the new Elbow album and the Stone’s latest. Smith’s had neither. In fact they seem hardly to stock music, having just a few “Top Sellers” – none of which we would wish to have thrown at us. Is that how it is these days – do high street stores no longer sell music?

The vouchers were burning a hole in Mr L’s pocket so we came away with a French Road Atlas and a French/English Dictionary plus a DVD to watch sometime when we have nothing else to amuse us.

Came home to this week’s Gousto Box so looking forward to some fun cooking in the coming days.

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