A bit of a cockup

I should love to report, on this wet and dismal day, that I have busily been working at my thrummed socks. Alas, no. I have done very little and as yet the socks make no progress. Have I read a book? No, not at all. Nor have I dabbled with pencil and paper. Been doing some housework, maybe? Well, only in the mildest sense but I do confess that I have been attempting to sort out some drawers and cupboards today. Not much progress made there either.

Mr L asked me this morning if Tesco had sent a text to say when today’s delivery would be here. I hadn’t head my phone burble at all, so I picked it up to check and found that the battery was flat. Once on charge, I checked again and there was no text but then… there was no signal (again). The same thing happened last week and in fact the mast was down for two days. The most annoying thing about this state of affairs is that the O2 network also carries our EE Internet. They anticipate around 16 hours of downtime for this event.

Mr L suggested that as this keeps happening that I change my number on my Tesco account. I told him that they have  both numbers. On checking, I found that they have my Tesco number in the Mobile field and my O2 number as Daytime and Home. Odd that they send texts to the Home number rather than to the Mobile. Or am I simply not up to speed on how things work these days. Probably that.

Mr Snail suggested that I had the number held elsewhere in the shopping part of the site perhaps. I looked doubtful but dutifully looked. That was when I noticed that today’s delivery is actually coming tomorrow. Seems my finger slipped when selecting the delivery slot.

So, here we are and the cupboard is bare. I have a Gousto parcel coming tomorrow with four meals in it but had planned for Tesco to come this afternoon with something to feed us tonight in the meantime. Now I shall find myself with five dated meals to get through come tomorrow. At least some of the Gousto package has up to six days life in it.

What’s on the menu?


As for tonight, it looks like the Anchor again. Nell will like that.

We bought a Remoska yesterday, a refurbished one from Lakeland. It should be here tomorrow. Of course none of the meals that I have currently planned require the use of an oven.

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