Oh, lor’ – I’ve had a heel disaster!

I took my knitting to the bedroom, while Mr L watched the footie (he was v excited to find that the match was being streamed “live” via the ITV web site) I finished the foot and reached the heel. I knitted a most peculiar heel, seemingly successfully in the first half. I knitted two full rounds in the middle of it and then commenced the return part. Only I found then that I had loops hanging out.

I shall have to tink it and re-knit it. The light is too poor now to attempt that feat. Tomorrow, maybe.

I have most of my spinning done and will be plying tomorrow. And fixing that heel, of course.

And we have been in the garden with the dogs and the new nosties.

nostes-1 nostes-2 


Lovely, aren’t they? Each one is different.

I got action pics of Suzie and Nell, but Nell’s didn’t come out very well and I must try again


She’s just too fast to frame. At least I caught the ball mid-flight. See that ball? It was new last weekend…

Suzie played frisbee while Nell played footie.

action-1thb action-2thb

 action-3thb action-4thb


You’d never think she was pushing ten years old, would you?

Lulu got in on the act too


She’s just plain pushy. A pushy pussy.

While we were in the garden we spotted a buzzard overhead – most unusual in these parts, though very common where we used to live. I miss them, quite a lot.