Skirt – check

Wearing red – check

Jacket – check

Stockings – check

Heels – well, kind off. Higher than I have worn in the last 15 years anyway

Briefcase – check (and I know the combination!)

Crib cards in jacket pocket – check

Brain in gear – well, you can’t have everything, can you?

I had everything sorted last night but at 3am I had one of those lightbulb moments and am now trying to work something else into my presentation plan. Not convinced of the good sense of it really, but it kind of works. The main problem is in believing that 3am clarity to be genuine and not just a dream-state error.

It has been a very long time since I did anything like this – maybe seven years since I last had an interview. I always enjoyed interviews in the past (so, I am a pervert – shoot me… I like exams too) and am surprised to find just how nervous I am feeling this morning. Quite ick, in fact. Probably all due to the fact that I mentally switched off more than five years ago and have had a firm (though clearly mistaken) understanding that I was never going to be in the marketplace again. On the other hand, my last interview was for the Finance Division. I think I probably found that terrifying at the time and have forgotten all about it since, as they all turned out to be really lovely people who appreciated my work very much indeed. They made me feel competent again – after my previous management team had systematically robbed me of every reserve I had ever had.

Oddly, I actually miss all those Accountants – alien as they were to me at the time. Every single one of them a really nice guy… even the women. 🙂

And, speaking of nice guys, I have no idea who is on the panel – though I fully expect it to be chaired by the Trust’s Chairman. I didn’t want to know. It’s always a wobbly moment when you realise that you are to be interviewed not just by persons known to you, but also by some who might otherwise be called friend. Thankfully I have had experience of such wobbly situations before and I am confident in my ability to deal professionally with such a situation. All the same, it is nerve wracking – especially the feeling of making a fool of oneself in front of somebody you may have to socialise within the very near future! It’s much more difficult than presenting an interview face to total strangers.

Nearly over. When it’s done I can come home and treat myself to a quiet afternoon of lace knitting.

For now, until it is time to go out, I am working on SpinningGill’s hat. Which reminds me, I hear that we have another spinner recently arrived on the island. I wonder if they will join us at Spinning? I am going to miss my spinning group if I land this job.

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