… I have no idea whether I am finished, but I am most certainly certainly done. As in “done in” I think. I’ve come to a halt at the very least and I have my bag packed and my stack of crib cards ready. And now I am having some R&R – with a cup of coffee at hand and my Blind Panic Hat MkII in front of me.

There are very good reasons why I should not get this job, and I have most certainly put in more effort than was necessary for a candidate who must be an “also ran” – but I really don’t know how to do things any differently. I can’t do less than my best – even if my best turns out to be actually quite rubbish 🙂

Rather like me and my knitting, actually.

Yes. That’s right. Not going well. Not.at.all.


Roll on tomorrow night.


  1. November 10, 2008

    You poor thing! It’s amazing how long it takes to put together a 10 minute presentation. I remember it well.

    Good luck for tomorrow!

  2. November 11, 2008

    Thanks, Carole

    You’d never have known how much work I put into it – it was very poor indeed when it came to delivery.

    But I’ve seen worse in my time on the other side of the table. 🙂

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