… I have no idea whether I am finished, but I am most certainly certainly done. As in “done in” I think. I’ve come to a halt at the very least and I have my bag packed and my stack of crib cards ready. And now I am having some R&R – with a cup of coffee at hand and my Blind Panic Hat MkII in front of me.

There are very good reasons why I should not get this job, and I have most certainly put in more effort than was necessary for a candidate who must be an “also ran” – but I really don’t know how to do things any differently. I can’t do less than my best – even if my best turns out to be actually quite rubbish 🙂

Rather like me and my knitting, actually.

Yes. That’s right. Not going well. Not.at.all.


Roll on tomorrow night.

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  1. November 10, 2008

    You poor thing! It’s amazing how long it takes to put together a 10 minute presentation. I remember it well.

    Good luck for tomorrow!

  2. November 11, 2008

    Thanks, Carole

    You’d never have known how much work I put into it – it was very poor indeed when it came to delivery.

    But I’ve seen worse in my time on the other side of the table. 🙂

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