Onion, Sesame!

Today’s soup is cream of onion, by special request from Mr L. I am making it up as I go along. To go with it, I am making some more crackers. Sesame seed crackers this time.

Last week at spinning group we were discussing my soup activities and I was asked if I put cream in my soups. No, I said. Then I said, maybe. Or, yes. The thing is, I habitually make non-cream soups. Mostly vegetarian and usually pretty healthy. No particular reason, it’s just the way that it works out when I look in the ‘fridge. Occasionally I make a soup that just would not be right without a little added  enrichment. And this is why I stumbled over my answer last week, because I had made some cream of mushroom. Often I make a clear mushroom soup, but that batch I had mushed it up and, well, a splash of cream seemed to be the order of the day.

Normally if I make onion soup, it is French Onion Soup (I love it, totally addicted) but Mr L has childhood memories of cream of onion and has asked for it especially. I have some crème fraîche in the refrigerator, so why not?

I’ve had my chopped onions sweating very, very slowly in butter all morning. They should be brilliantly sweet by now. I’ll report back if it all works out nicely.

As you may be able to tell, I have not gone to town today. I did not like the weather forecast, which was populated with heavy black cloud symbols and a legend declaring 80% possibility of rain throughout the day. Plus wind. Lots of wind. I did not fancy fighting the wind with my trolley, nor hanging around town all day sopping wet. So I booked the bus for Friday, when things looked to be a little more pleasant.

Of course, we have lovely sunshine and not much wind.


Must get on, there is a conference call booked for 1pm and so lunch must be served early today. I am running a little late at this point.

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