Fig and Black Pepper Flatbreads

The Fig and Black Pepper Flatbreads (via the BBC Food site and Lesley Waters) are extremely good. I can imagine eating them with a nice ripe Brie or dunked into a baked Camembert or a cheese fondue. Today we ate them with a hot salad and griddled Halloumi, with a lentil dressing.

I was scraping the bottom of the barrel when I investigated the ‘fridge. I had an aubergine and a courgette and half a red onion, plus four mushrooms. I tossed them in olive oil with a scattering of cumin seeds and some dried thyme and roasted the lot in the oven. Piled into a bowl, slathered with the lentil dressing and topped with the Halloumi cheese, the whole lot was very tasty.

The breads will be made again, and preferably while I have remaining stocks of the wonderful PARAMESWARAN’S SPECIAL WYNAD PEPPER. The wonderful fragrance in the warm bread – sensational.
I’ve seen the weather forecast, so I am not going to town tomorrow. It’s spinning group on Thursday, so I’ll go shopping on Friday.

(OMG – I have Strictly on as I write this. Matt Goss? It takes me back to when I had a Bros-mad teenager in the house. Never, ever want to go there again.)

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