One of those days

It’s a glorious good-to-be-alive day. One of those Orcadian days that make all the wet and wind worthwhile. Unfortunately I need to be at my desk, with my book project. Only… things haven’t panned out very well…

Well, whatever is inside it, the box sure smells good
Well, whatever is inside it, the box sure smells good
Stuffed with collage goodies, and an ATC
Stuffed with collage goodies, and an ATC

I was late up – for reasons unknown, Mr L thought I could do with a lie in. He woke me with the morning’s post, and the words “it’s a package from Anchorage” – not a surprise from Barbara, though – but a little SendSomething from Marianne. Smashing way to start the week, but a reminder that I needed to go to the post office so…

…before starting work, I had to get in the car and go to Lady village to post my mail off. I went without a coat. I went out in a t-shirt! (albeit a long sleeve one)Yes, we have the first promise of Spring today. There was a weak sun,  and shifting patches of mist on the fields and water. There were lambs. There were swans. There was an absence of wind, so the water was still and reflective. The light was great and some wonderful clouds were reflected in the water. Oh, I wanted to be out and about with my camera!

Saw SpinningGill and made some arrangements for tomorrow night (Opera Night!) and made some arrangements for Wednesday night with the postmaster (Oral History Project matters) and drove home again, still wishing I could be out with my camera.

I got home just in time to witness the projectile results of an unfortunate Nell:Cooking Oil juxtaposition. Boy, that took some clearing up! I opened the conservatory door and shooed Nell out in case of further explosions. Teddy and Treacle took advantage of the open door. That’s Ted’s first outing this year and he is not inclined to come back in yet, this is his kind of weather and he’s prowling in the undergrowth and making “I’ve got prey!” noises. He hasn’t, of course, caught anything, but he does like to big himself up from time to time. I left him outside, put the washing on (Nell caught the sofa cover as well as the floor) and settled to work, just as the ‘phone rang. Having fielded the call, deferred the requested appointment, and gathered my wits -  I checked my watch and realised it was time to put the lunch on.

In short, I shelved work until this afternoon and elected to do a quick blog post.

What’s to say? The sun is shining and it’s t-shirt weather. The cats are outside, and I want to be out too. Mr L’s sweater came on apace last night and I am into the sixth ball of yarn. I have two RAK packages to record, once I figure out who sent them. I have a busy week this week – working on the book all week, going to the opera and pre-opera supper on Tuesday, Spinning, SDT Board meeting, and a WordPress training session on Wednesday. And now, I am going to make some macaroni cheese[1] and I am going to serve it with some lovely fresh salad.

I’ll post this later, after photographing this morning’s post.

[1] I bought milk while I was out this morning, a huge bottle of it, before realising that it dies at midnight. So I need to use a lot of milk very quickly – hence macaroni cheese. There may be bread and butter pudding for tea yet….