Snitched from Natalie at The Yarn Yard. Not snitched exactly, seeing as she asked…

Just a quick meme, post-lunch, then I need to crack on with some work.

1. What can you hear, right now?

Not much, apart from the whirr of PC fans and the occasional rattle of Mr L’s keyboard.

2.    What will you have for dinner tonight?

We have dinner at lunch time – it allows more time to work it off. Today we had macaroni cheese (I know, naughty) with heaps and heaps of salad, to celebrate bringing the shopping home recently. Seriously – salad is a rare commodity around here and is to be thoroughly enjoyed when the chance arises. I made the cheese sauce with Orkney Cheddar and some Parmesan. The topping was grated cheeses, with added sesame seeds and a little cayenne pepper. The salad? Oh, that  just had everything in it that would fit in the dish!

Tonight we will have a little porkie pie (left from Saturday’s Pub Night) and some fresh coleslaw or our tea.

3.    Crossword, Sudoku or Boggle?

Crossword – I guess. We print the Guardian ones off the web and do them together in bed, with radio background.

Sudoku – only in very idle and supremely bored moments. Really can’t see the attraction. They are tedious, mechanical things.

Boggle – what’s that, then?
4.    Favourite biscuit?

Home-made stem ginger cookie, with or without herbage. Possibly coated in G&B plain chocolate.

5.    Which magazines do you read?

Hmm. The answer to that at this point is probably “none” as all subscriptions have been cancelled in the interests of economy. I was reading, until very recently: National Geographic, The New Internationalist, Spin Off, Mslexia, and Cloth Paper Scissors, and trying not to read (except for the rather good crossword) an accidental subscription to The Oldie.

I read the interweb, insteadplenty of free magazine material available out there and Feedly presents my feeds in magazine style too…


  1. February 23, 2009

    You can find the official Boggle site here.
    But if you just google Boggle you’ll find various not-Boggle sites… some of which have the letters the right way up which seems like cheating.
    I can play this faster with a Boggle set and a pen and paper than I can with a keyboard though!

    • February 25, 2009

      @natalie, thank you…. that was another afternoon entirely wasted 🙂

  2. February 24, 2009

    Me too Nat, I find it much easier with pen and paper. My grandsons love Boggle and Uno

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