On shooting oneself in the foot (again)

Today I am (mainly) trying to fit a quart into  a pint pot and am padding about the studio moving stuff from A to B to C and back to A again. It is tedious and dusty work. We had planned to head pub-ward for supper, as some kind of reward but Mr L has discovered that it is Cup Final day and the big screen will most likely be on. So I am making something orientally inspired instead, only I haven’t been shopping so it will be a weird meal again. I shall cook some rice and deep fry some strips of chicken and serve it up with a sticky sauce. Vegetables will be challenging, but I shall think of something. Whatever else, I think a bottle of Gerwutz is indicated. Maybe two. I’m feeling a bit low, one way and another.

As for the pint pot… it is coming along. I almost see daylight, when I am not sneezing and wheezing.  I have to house the printer/scanner that was in Mr L’s office and that, added to the second monitor, is really squeezing me for space. There are THREE printers in here now. Yet another part of the problem is that I have to move my paper crafting materials back in. They have been packed away around the house, wherever the boxes would fit until such time as I could dispose of them on eBay.

You see, when I started to knit so much and spin and do all the other fibery things that I do, I decided that I had no time to  continue with paper and paint and glue and stuff. I elected to dispose of my materials and I gave away a lot, lent some out on permanent loan, sold some special items on eBay to get Sanday Spinners some feedback numbers going…

Now that I am cutting back on the knitting because my wrists are complaining, I have more time and interest and I find myself missing making mail art envelopes especially.


Sod’s Law is at work again

Of course, the few things that have gone are all the items that I want now: envelope folding board, ink brayer, decorating chalks, H2O pigments, heat gun, alcohol inks, brass embossing templates…

I could weep. Especially about the chalks and the folding board. Not to mention all the gorgeous (and expensive) paperstock that I gifted – and some of it went to persons not entirely deserving of my mad fit of altruism.

I shall never be able to replace everything that has gone because I no longer have the Fairy Godfather whose annual gifts enabled me to indulge in all the goodies originally. I do still have much left, especially stamping rubber. This is now housed in a set of drawers that used to hold hats and scarves by the back door. They have been stuffed into hessian shopping bags for now.

That’s the way it goes, I suppose.

On other matters – if you follow this blog and rely on tweets to let you know that there is a fresh post, I am afraid that Twitter have suspended my account. I have no idea why – they did not have  the courtesy either to tell me what they had done or why. I’m not so much into Twitter that I care enough to sort it out, but if you want to follow the blog please either use RSS feeds or subscribe by email.

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