Mail Call

No letter swaps in the post this morning, but many goodies.

Whatever can the girl be up to?



Five 5″ square canvases and some Mod Podge. This excites me.

Also this morning, a part delivery  from WH Smith – my new fountain pen, plus the two converters for Lamy pens. The second Lamy pen itself is delayed.


Look at this, though – I find it heart-stoppingly beautiful, and  a suitable replacement for my broken Elysée. If only it had a gold nib.



It’s dinky, fitting in the palm of my hand but the extra long cap turns it into a full-size pen.



It is  a beautifully engineered object with a precision-made metal case and it is well-enamelled. That very short barrel section screws on with a very deep thread and will remain secure. The cap snaps on with a very positive action. Quite lovely.


Even the nib is pretty! It’s a lot of pen for not much money (£18.50) The iridium-tipped nib is quite fine, but not at all scratchy. I like it. A lot. I can see that it will become a favourite pen. I have put a pink Herbin cartridge in it…


…and all that I need now is somebody to write to.


The rest of the mail was household stuff, not very inspiring though not entirely boring. It gave me some ideas for my room.

It’s Friday, I need to ferret out a file to re-edit for my photo blog. Maybe I shall see you over there later on. Later on I shall try to get out to the post office if I have time. This evening may see me painting gel medium onto canvas. Right now I need to sort out a haggis for our lunch. I do love a gravy day. I always feel that a meal is not a proper meal unless there is gravy involved, don’t you?

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