Oh, puzzling…

Sydney Uni Mathematics Society is proud to announce that the ΣUMS
Puzzle Hunt is on again in 2010! Registration has already opened so
get into teams of up to 5 people for another fun-filled week of puzzle
solving. This year’s competition commences at 12 noon AEST on the 2nd
of August – that’s not long to go! The 3 top ranking Australian teams
will win massive prizes, with first place to take home $300! To join,
please go to our website:


Well, I guess that means we have 3 vacancies on our team. Anybody want to play? Don’t be afraid – it’s not Maths! Puzzles come in all varieties ((in fact, one memorable puzzle, in a Melbourne hunt, actually involved knitting!)) and a range of puzzle solving skills and brain types are needed on a team.