At Home With Faber

My copy of The Lacuna arrived in today’s mail. I shall be reading the book in due course and leaving my comments on the group’s  blog. To save readers the trip over there, I’ll write about the books here as well, and have added a sub-category to the Saturday Jumble to accomodate such posts. Posts will also be tagged awhf and/or At Home With Faber and will most likely be longer and more informal than the comments left elsewhere. We shall see.

May I confess to being daunted by my first book? It’s a bit fat… and my memories of Barbara Kingsolver do not endear me to it. But I will begin on it soon – not, perhaps, until the Colourmart Lovers thing completes on 20th July. I’ve got Link off the needles today and  have three days knitting left to me. I have an incomplete cardigan, an unfinished sweater, and an urge to start a new shawl…

What to do?

Oh, and there’s a new blog in the offing. We are looking for a name for it and should be up and running soon.