Oh, it’s ugly…

When I started my Flutter Scarf, I missed the instruction to purl a row after the provisional cast on. So I frogged it, cast on again, and all went smoothly thereafter. Or so I thought.

I just picked up the first half to re-set the stitches in readiness for going to town on Thursday. It appears that the second time that I started the scarf, I made exactly the same stupid error – only without even noticing.

As you may imagine, it made picking up the stitches less than straightforward. It also made the join pretty damn ugly, I can tell you.

I toyed with the idea of tinking it back to a plain row and then going forwards (in reverse) once more, but I really have no experience in tinking in a double backwards direction (oh, my head hurts, trying to understand this!) and had no idea how straightforward or how difficult it might be. So I settled for ugly. Nobody will know but me…

The Posh Cowl is soaking – I cast it off last night. That is not at all ugly 🙂

I can feel an afternon’s knit indulgence coming on. I don’t feel like doing anything other than just pleasing myself today. I’ll make a risotto for lunch, then snuggle down with the iPlayer and a nice piece of knitting. I’m just not sure what I want to knit on, but I am pretty damn certain that it should not be a new cast-on. The tempation is, however, great. I must recall that the Evenstar begins in just 10 days’ time. Do I really want to start another project between now an then? Well, maybe just a little one… I was very taken by the 2/28NM swatch for the Evenstar and I feel the yarn beckoning to me! A small Aeolian, perhaps? Argh! – get thee behind me, you wicked little knitting imp, you!

Oh, yes, one more thing – a very nice lady, name of Lydia, is assisting me in choosing the beads  for the Evenstar. More of this, later.