Let’s keep this brief, my RSI is very sore…

I missed Spinning today. A web update that I needed to do, and had promised to have done “early this week”, had done a Topsy on me and grown much larger than was achievable in the original time span. It’s still growing 🙂 Knowing that I was planning to go to town again tomorrow, I had to knuckle down to the job today.  After all, I’ve been paid for the job already (and I’ve spent it… on the Glisten.)

I’m actually now doubting whether I will go out tomorrow – I don’t fancy an early start in the dark on icy roads very much. I have no winter driving experience apart from one drive to work, soon after I passed my test, when I spun the car on black ice at 6am… (scared the living daylights out of me when I heard about the terrible accident that happened a few minutes after I shakily left the scene.)  Mr L would have dropped me off at the ferry but will be in a meeting at the time that I return. Maybe it is just as well, as my “ferry knitting project” seems to have leaped out of hibernation last night and grown considerably. I only intended to pick up the stitches but Mr L was working very late last night and I got 18 repeats in while I was keeping him company. I think that Flutter may be so nearly finished this evening that it wouldn’t occupy me in one direction on the ferry, let alone two. I think we are looking at those horrible Herringbone Socks again. Oh, yes. (Oh, no!)

The days are pulling out now. It will soon be light enough to take the dogs in the bay after tea. I’m looking forward to that.

In today’s Obsession NewsI’m fighting hard not to cast this on. The Tinfoil grey 3/50NM silk, I think. Yes?