Note to Self


October= WIP-busting (in hand)

November = How Many Fingerless Mitts can I Knit? aka Christmas is Coming, plus I Owe Some PIFs. (in planning stages)

December = Get in the Sweater Groove (hmmm?)

December will, I hope, continue for the forseeable future. I have a great desire to do some meaningful knitting. Plus a lot of yarn to use up. Shall I make 2010 The Year of The Sweater? Perhaps I will.

Here’s a few that I have in mind

For him:

For me:

and so on…

Yes, I like cabling, why do you ask? 🙂

But how is a girl to choose? Well, items in bold have the yarn ready and lined up – so they would seem like a good place to begin. I also have a heap of BFL roving to spin, to make myself a Henley Perfected with. There’s yarn to hand to make another couple of sweaters too, if I can decide which ones.

Since I gave up work to run away to Scotland I have been a very good girl, wearing old office clothes and not buying new ones. The sweater cupboard is looking very bare indeed though as wear, tear, and moth have denuded it. It’s really time to get the needles into action and to make myself some warm layers and help to keep the oil bills down. Time to stop fannying about with scarves and shawls, of which I now have more than I can ever use!

Oh, why is my list longer than his?

Well, there’s more out there to choose from, and I am also way less pernicketty than he is.  It is very difficult to find a pattern that meets Mr L’s high standards, it’s not that I am prioritising my wants over his. Much 😉

I really enjoyed knitting Mr L’s sweater earlier this year, I got a really positive vibe from it, and it makes me look forward to churning out a few more useful garments in the coming months. All I have to do is to skein the yarn off the cones, then wash it and dry it and rewind it – then I can knit! Hmm, not so easy at this time of the Orcadian year, actually. Good job I have mitts to knit while the skeins are drying!