Oh! So that’s where…

And as October is WIP-busting month, I have a sock by my bedside. The much-loathed Herringbone Rib socks are (slowly) moving forward again.

Now, some long time ago, I finally purchased myself a needle gauge. It is a wondrous item – it measures not only metric sizes, but also Yankee ones. Not only that, it also supports Imperial Britain (go, Victoria!). It does all this while both measuring length and gauging tension. It doesn’t even stop there – it cuts yarn as well!

Bet you wish you had one too, don’t you?

Well so did I, when earlier this year I discovered that I had lost it. I couldn’t think how this had come about – I checked ALL of my many project boxes and bags. It was nowhere to be found. It was not in my workbasket, nor in any of my plastic crates. I was pretty sure, as sure as it was possible to be, that it wasn’t even lying unloved among the distributed wreckage in that room which laughingly poses as my “workroom.”

I reached the conclusion that I had perhaps left it behind at spinning one week and began to ask if anybody had seen it.

And what has this vaguely interesting but rambling story got to do with anything at all, let alone WIP-busting and sock-knitting?

I got into bed with my sock and I  reached for my copy of Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn in order to refresh my memory on that awful rib pattern. The book fell open at just the right page.

Of course it did. I was using my needle gauge as a book marker!

Anyway, the sock progresses. I couldn’t bring myself to do more than two more rows of rib, so I began the heel flap last night. Can’t help but feel that I should be busting WIPs that are more readily achievable. These socks are not going to be complete by the end of next October, let alone this one.

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