Not much to see here

Not a lot going on this weekend. A tray of mince pies just emerged from the oven, ready for our Open Studio afternoon, but I failed to make my marmalade this morning due to an insufficiency of available sugar. I did manage to get my Spelt Starter going, though. He’s sitting here on my desk, keeping warm in the heat from the computers. He has been christened – Bill. Ob: the Wheat starter will be Ben. Fenella hasn’t produced Ben yet, but I don’t blame her, the weather has been foul and I did tell her not to go out of her way.

There are onions left after making my chutney and I am minded to whisk up a French Onion Soup this coming week. Now, the couching cloths should be here any day. This means a trial run on Baguettes will be in order. Let us hope that the week shapes up properly. I fear that I shall have to take a day out to go to Kirkwall again on Wednesday, I need bits for Mr L’s birthday meal, which we shall have on Saturday, I think. Just some olives to nibble with sherry pre-dinner, a couple of fillet steaks of Orkney Beef, a dessert, and some cheese.

Some kind of dinner roll will be baked and served, of course, and also oatcakes for the cheese. Additionally, I may have a go at the Spelt Digestives from the River Cottage Bread handbook. Tiramisu had been planned for pud but since I spotted some Limoncello in the ‘fridge, I have been considering ringing the changes on that one. I may extemporise.

Something intriguingly local may make an appearance next week. It is not yeast-leavened but I think will be interesting enough to feature in a post of its own. Whatever could I be talking about? Wait and see.

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