Over the top Focaccia

Lunch was shaping up to be a little drab – I had a packet of Supermarket tortellini and a tub of chargrilled veg sauce from the same shop. The salad that I had bought on Wednesday was all gone. What could I do to add a little love to the meal? I made a Focaccia.

Unfortunately short of plain bread flour, I decided to save it for something else and to use the bag of Wessex Mill Mixed Pepper and Basil flour instead. This meant a little humming and haahing… I had fresh garlic and rosemary at hand and this is all that a good Focaccia needs. Used with the pepper flour, though – overkill?

I sensibly decided to just use the flour and leave the garlic and rosemary out.

Then I panicked. No garlic? The world wobbled on its axis. I peeled and I sliced.

Good things

I did manage to use a restrained hand

Dressed for baking
Dressed for baking

I am still using the fresh yeast from last Monday and it is fine, still lively. I swear it made all the difference to this Focaccia. I normally make pretty good Focaccia, but this was my best to date – soft, moist, and very very light.

Of course it may also have had a little to do with the quality of the oil that I used today.

Fresh from the oven

It smelled fantastic.

On the lunch table
On the lunch table

We tucked in and both ate three very large wodges with our pasta. I am now immobile.

Recipe: just the standard one from the Kenwood recipe book that came with my mixer, substituting the flavoured flour  for plain white bread flour. I gave the dough a second rise, just to hold it back so that it would still be oven-warm when lunch was served.

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