No fat around here

It was a perfect Show day, weatherwise. Warm enough, bright enough and best of all, dry. Not so much sun as to make things hard work.

dog show
At the Dog Show

We popped up the road around midday and took photos of sheep judging and at the Horse and Dog rings. There was not a lot going on anywhere this year and several regular features were missing. We looked for the beer tent and found it not – though we did find the fish van. We purchased Cod and Scallops and then realised that we would need to take them home, so we took off to refrigerate the fish, let the doggies out and grab a cup of coffee before returning to investigate the Industrial Show.

So, it was a lean year this year at the Show. This reflects the amount of effort put in, so in no way am I going to grumble although I do confess to some disappointment in the Photo section where some of my favourite images neglected to please the judge. I am guessing that we have different tastes in photographic style. Perhaps I shall do better next year.

In the Knitting section: five prizes from ten entries

  • First  in “item from 100g” with the purple A Hap for Harriet that was disqualified last year for not being a scarf and Third with a pair of Vanessa Antiopa socks that failed to win admiring looks last year in this 100g class.
  • Second for a BSJ in the Matinee Jacket class
  • Third in Neckwear for my Ladies Circular Cape, but nothing for my lovely Lady Lismore
  • First for my Argent Curl, knitted from my own handspun
  • For the first time since the Class began, no prizes for my skeins. This came as no surprise because really those purple skeins were terrible! And, let us face it, it really was time for somebody else to steal the Show with their skeins. One doe snot wish to be greedy… 🙂

In the Photo section: five prizes from twelve entries

  • a Third in Flora/Fauna for my High Key Tulips but nothing for my Fulmar in Flight
  • a Second for my Caddy Lamb having her lunch
  • nothing placed in Sanday View
  • First and Second in Sanday Event but only because there were no other entries
  • First in the Beautiful Decay class for my abandoned cottage interior
  • nothing placed in the large format prints although I held high hopes for that one

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It will come as no surprise that I am already drawing up a To Do list for next year’s entries. I plan to turn to my UFO heap and do something about it, prioritising anything that will fit into one of the Show classes. I think that I shall wish to get my two pairs of skeins out of the way first – no more last minute spinning for me, it’s far too hard on the nerves!

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Recent movements of the: Deux Escargots

October 22, 2020 at 01:21PM

Ah, the windy highway. The last time we came down here our awning blew open… Thankfully it’s not even close to being that windy today. Phew. Not so good now that the tolls have been removed and there are HGVs to contend with. A bit macho, your Spanish lorry driver.. #livereportingfromtheroad #Spain #autumn2020

October 22, 2020 at 12:22PM

Rather a different day today but still warm, with 24 degrees expected by the time that we reach Ribamar. Those Happy Hour beers will be tempting. Shopped this morning before leaving, to find the Christmas Turron had arrived overnight. I confess; we spent an inordinate amount on Turron and chocolate. #livereportingfromtheroad #Spain #autumn2020


  1. spinninggill
    August 1, 2015

    I had folk remarking to me how great the Scar photo was. As you say (of all our ‘failed’ entries) they’re just not to the judges’ tastes. Better luck next year! 🙂

    • August 1, 2015

      Yes , a few people commented to me on how they liked the Scar one. Not Cliff. He hates it. Horses for courses. 🙂 Anyway, I do like honesty in a man, don’t you?

  2. spinninggill
    August 1, 2015


    It took a few locals a couple of looks to realise that it was Scar. 🙂

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