Nature’s Muse

The other day, I was wittering on about the inspiration to be gained from a simple field of Barley, and mentioned that I had found a shortcut via The Yarn Yard. Well, I fell prey:

Just as I had imagined, though our barley is yellower now than it was

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together? 🙂

EDIT: Any idea what I can make of it? There’s 750 metres to go at and it’s about a fingering weight – or what we used to call 3ply, back in the day… (though it actually has six plies.)

This is nice?

EDIT again: Stupid me. I looked at my queue. It has to be Romi’s Waves of Grain, has it not? Now then, to bead, or not to bead? Tell me…


  1. August 30, 2010

    I test knit this yarn for Natalie and it’s lovely to knit with.
    This photo is quite interesting to me, even though to handle it feels like a fingering weight its much thinner than Clan which is a fingering weight….
    I knitted Abrazo from Twist Collective, but I know you did Annis not long ago so may fancy a change. I like the scarf you’ve linked, though I think to wear all that effort in those pretty ends wouldn’t really work as they’d just fold up on themselves.

    • August 30, 2010

      I think Clan is more a 4ply. The Yanks may think them interchangeable but when I were a lass “fingering” definitely meant 3ply, which was thinner than 4ply…. back in the days when a ply meant something in terms of thickness. It’s all so difficult now… *sigh*

      One thing that I am certain of is that Crannog is no laceweight. Machair and Aurura are laceweight. Gloaming and Crannog are Something Else – though there’s no reason not to knit lace patterns with them 🙂 But I have to say that I do not like Gloaming for lace work – it has too much bounce and ooomph, despite the silk content (but ask me again after I’ve blocked my Echo). I’m looking forward to seeing what Crannog does for me.

      Will probably go with Waves of Grain, even though it is intended for something far finer in the way of yarn. I just like the connection!

      The flared scarf I think I must make, though – and I intend to frog my Rhytidome and perhaps re-use the horrible rhubarb and custard 100 Pure Wool laceweight for Hypernova. I have a feeling that it might just work as a combination.

      All this must wait – I’m knitting Colourmart until some time in November.

      • August 30, 2010

        I don’t own any Gloaming ( must correct that!) I’m just knitting with Machair now (and it’s lovely), and have a skein of Aurora in the stash as well. My laceweight stash has gone from being huge to now appearing to be quite tiny!

        Of course, being a wee slip of a lass I have no idea what this 4 ply and 3 ply concept means!

  2. jenny
    August 30, 2010

    Amber beads?

    • August 30, 2010

      I don’t know. I have an instinct that beads are going to be difficult to match to this yarn and that the obvious choices might not work.

      Olive green, silver-lined?

      • August 30, 2010

        I got the usual beads I use on laceweight to fit on just fine when I did my test knit if that helps with sizing issues!

  3. August 30, 2010

    I don’t own any Gloaming

    I have some Gloaming left from my Echo. Would you like it to play and to swatch with?

    Of course, being a wee slip of a lass I have no idea what this 4 ply and 3 ply concept means!  

    It’s difficult, isn’t it? Once upom a time it was all very straightforward and a knitter knew what was what. These days I check out the yards/metres per 100g and do comparisons on that. It’s not failsafe, but it’s a good enough rule of thumb until everybody quotes WPI.

    For me laceweight is 1,200 metres/100g anything longer is tending to cobweb 1,500 metres and more, that is.

    Heavy laceweight is something around 800 metres/100g anything less than 750 metres is Something Else and not laceweight of any description.

    (some) Sockweight is what I would call 4ply – about 400m/100g, though many US sockweights are much closer to a DK (like Hug)

    I’ve given up on the whole DK/Worsted/Heavy Worsted/Aran debacle, and I have no clue what “Sport” is or should be, it just sounds horrid. And it all gets so much worse when you go to Colourmart, for their 4ply is literally about ply count and not weight at all and could mean absolutely anything at all — including a very fine laceweight so I have to do maths and figure out the yarn weight from the NM figures.

    Just give me a pile of Aurora, and I’ll be happy. 1,200 metres is just exactly what I want in my laceweight. 🙂 I do hope Natalie continues with it, she doesn’t seem to do much at that weight any longer. It’s much better value than the heavier weights.

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