FU Friday?

It is FO Friday and I do have several FOs in need of recording. I cannot see it being done however as today seems to have morphed into Fed Up Friday instead.  My routine is disrupted this week as Mr L is on ‘is ‘ols — everything is happening at the wrong time and in the wrong order and the result is that I feel completely unable to settle to anything at all. There may be some residual grumpiness from recently having been slowed down by a painful back of course. I am vertical now but still struggling with standing, bending and with carrying weights.

On the plus side this week, we have had some patches of lovely weather and loads and loads of washing has been done and dried. Last evening was glorious. We have had few such evenings this year and so we took the dogs onto the beach to make the most of it. Unfortunately, I find walking in my wellies just aggravates a sore back…

On the negative side this week — we spent most of the afternoon yesterday tending to Mr L’s injury. He managed to spike his finger with a matchstick-thickness splinter. It went straight through, side to side, deep in his finger pad. We spent some time considering which of us should pull it out for him, but he was persuaded in the end that a visit to the surgery was the wisest course of action. I was scared that if he flinched as I tweezered the splinter, it might break off inside and invite infection. I was also sure that a doctor would want to discuss anti-tetanus and antibiotics…

A call to the surgery revealed that one of the nurses was in and she would look at it to see if she could take care of it — otherwise she would call the GP in from his afternoon cycle ride. Like me, the nurse was worried about breaking the splinter inside and the possible need to clean the wound out. Thus the doctor had to pedal home — and we had to wait for him to do so. He suggested that “a wee ring block would be the most humane way to deal with this…” and I could not help but agree.  Mr L was safely anaethetised, the offending object removed, and a sticking plaster was applied (what – no bandage?)

A lengthy tour through his medical records revealed that Mr L was apparently deposited on this earth as a fully grown adult around 1998. It also revealed a rather damning note from our GP in Methley: “Cohabits,” –  made all but 11 years ago, at the time that Mr L went to register with the surgery there after he moved in with me — this made our present doctor laugh out loud. It would seem that at that time, Mr L was topped up for anti-tetanus and is fully protected, therefore he did not need a shot this time around.  There was no injectable penicillin available either, so lucky Mr L got no jags – just a packet of strong antibiotic tablets.

As this is our non-anniversary weekend (or rather, anniversary of a non-standard event) and we tend to celebrate this rather than our wedding anniversary, there will be blog downtime. I shall be in the kitchen revisiting the recipe that I cooked 11 years ago, in the hope of stunning a very nice man with my ability to cook excellent vegetarian food… we always have the same meal on this weekend each year. We are boring like that — but it makes a fine and tasty meal and we enjoy it.

We shall be dining on Mollie Katzen’s “Influenced Vegetable Stew ((For details, see earlier post on same subject here)) ” from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest (the original version of the book, not the updated and healthier one.) Home-made Tzatziki will be served with it, with a scattering of black olives, and some crusty bread to mop it all up with. There may be a white chocolate torte to follow (I could not possibly be drawn on this highly-guilty subject). There will certainly be champagne and there will be a very fine Brie to finish. Sadly there will be no Port (How could he have forgotten to buy that?!)

Right — I am away now to start this evening’s pizza dough. I’ll precook the red beans for tomorow’s stew while I am it it, and make the white chocolate torte (oops – did i say that?!) in readiness. I must also check that the man of the house has had his medication…

Why am I finding no knitting time this week? I’m supposed to be on holiday!


  1. August 27, 2010

    FU didn’t seem like Fed Up to me. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Susan aka paintermom
    August 29, 2010

    Hang in there, Beth! Have a lovely celebration!

    “Cohabits”, indeed! That gave me a giggle!

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