My first needle felt

It’s too gloomy to take photographs, so I thought I’d scan these. Incorrect decision. I’ll take photos another time.

needlefelt 1 Red Pink  Orange


Keeping with the PS3 “Fire” theme, and deploying Torch Island and Inferno rovings as wells as combed merino tops that have been lying around the house for 18 months now…

Can you tell what it is? Mr L could. Full marks to him!

Just a quick and dirty experiment. Not certain that it is completed yet.

Bigger at Flickr, though the effort will probably not be worthwhile. I’d wait for photos, if I were you.

needlefelt 2


My second needle felt. Began life as a piece to cut up for ATCs.

Elected to experiment with adding yarn embellishments.

Am not convinced that this piece goes this way up, but I think it is finished.

Also bigger at Flickr. Also not really worth the effort.

needlefelt 3

My third needle felt is definitely a work in progress. I intend to wield a needle and thread on this one yet.

It’s not often that I make that promise!

I kind of get a hollyhock vibe from this piece. I wonder where it will go in the end.


  1. SpinningGill
    March 12, 2008

    Wow! I see a needle-felting Craft Club meeting on the horizon!

  2. March 12, 2008

    It would be a good thing to do – it’s fast, easy, fun… and we can whistle up quantities of fleece to play with. I doubt that club funds could furnish sufficient tools, though.

    Perhaps I could do a demo some time and then anyone who wants to have a go could get their own tool, if the club provided the pre-felt and the fibres, to have a splinter group session some time.

    We got my tool from eBay for £6.99 from somebody just setting up – clearly a loss leader. Normally the Clover tools cost around £12 to £14 – other manufacturers exist…

    Use of the tool is intensive, obviously, so sharing a few between the group would inhibit progress. I have two tools now – it’s a head start 🙂

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