My Clover felting tool and mat have arrived. I have to read the instructions fully yet but a cursory glance tells me that the tool will overcome my present difficulties in attaching small embellishments – the wooden tool that I was given has very widely-spaced needles; the Clover tool needles are much closer together.

This morning I took photos of yesterday’s pieces – but all the photos are useless and I need to try again once I have recharged my battery. I think my camera fails to focus properly when low on juice. I also made a new piece, using the Shetland X that I dyed in January.

Next, I want to make a larger piece using natural undyed fleeces. I have it in my head to make a journal cover. The only trouble is, all my fleeces are stashed in the storeroom, behind loads of other stuffs,and my back isn’t up to a good rummaging for a few days. Still, it will give me time to visualise my piece and sketch it out. But what’s the point? My work always turns out to be accidental/organic in process… and ends up far away from any planned point of arrival.

Right, I’m away to read my instruction leaflet!