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Just registering our team for our third attempt at the annual MUMS Puzzle Hunt. We came 31st on our first attempt, in 2007, with a team of two. Last year we came in at a healthy 20th, still just the two of us despite looking hard for some partners.

This year we want to finish in the top ten.

We think we have one or two other mugs dedicated puzzlers willing to join us this year. We are allowed ten members in a team. Let’s be honest, just a pair of us playing against teams of ten, that’s not a level playing field. Soooo… if you like puzzles and ciphers and generally beating your head hard against a wooden desk for a week, do please get in touch and I’ll happily add you to our team.

Puzzle Hunt begins 30th March. There are five puzzles a day for five days, plus a Meta Puzzle.

I should add – we can’t actually win anything. This is strictly for the mental exercise. You know… fun. You don’t need to be clever or have experience with these things – the most valuable asset you can bring to a team is a slightly different way of thinking and a knack of asking “stupid” questions.

The game operates on Melbourne time, but we’d appreciate it if team members shared at least a broadly similar time zone to ourselves. European-based or East Coast leftpondians preferred, I guess.

PS – the Melbourne Hunt has previously included puzzles specifically solved by knitters!


  1. March 12, 2009

    I’d be up for joining you, hopefully I’d be of some use!

    • March 12, 2009

      @Katie, we would be delighted to have you on board.
      All the previous puzzles, with hints and answers are available for study. Last year’s are here If they don’t scare you off, let me have the email address that you would like to register under and I’ll add you to the team (Fifty-nine Degrees North)

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