Green of the Day 12/03/09

Green Moshulu Boots
Green Moshulu Boots

Photoshopped version of my Green Moshulu Boots.

I bought these boots in Kendal, about ten years ago. I had developed Hallux Rigidus about five years previously and had reached the point where I acknowledged to myself that I would never wear any of my pretty shoes ever again. These green boots were me thumbing my nose at this new restriction in my life – flatties do not have to be boring. If I could have afforded purple DMs then that’s what I would have bought at the time.

Perhaps difficult to tell here, but easier in the original photograph, the boots look practically unworn. That’s because I have worn them “out” only once in all these years. Why? Because when I got them home I found that the stiffness in my toe had reached a point whereby I couldn’t actually get the boots on!

They languished in the bottom of the wardrobe, against the day when the NHS would sort me out.

Eventually, I had surgery (a cheilectomy) on my foot. When the worst of the pain had subsided, after about 12 months (yes, that bad!) I gingerly approached my boots. I got them on! I went for a little walk, and found I could barely hobble home. The boots languished once more…

Today I was looking for a Green of the Day to photograph and I sought out the boots. I am going to keep them out, and I shall try going for a walk in them soon.