Mornings and going back for more

I have added Muslims in Britain: Changes and Challenges to my Future Learn study plans. I realised that by the time that it starts I shall have only the one course running, the Higgs Boson one, and that it only takes 2 hours a week. Plenty of room then for some comparative religion study. Muslims in Britain takes 4 hours a week but only runs for 4 weeks. This is an  important topic and one to be properly informed upon. Understanding fuels better friendships.

The spinning wheel did indeed come out yesterday as hoped for. I put a film on and spun my way through it. I am a long way off a sweater yet. A very long way indeed. In order to deal with that problem I hope to get myself into a daily routine:

  • Morning – House – tidying/cleaning/cooking/
  • Afternoon – Spin
  • Evening – Knit – continuing the Great UFO Clearance – Kadril, Valborg

All must change when I study, I suppose. Afternoons will be for Serious Stuff. I’d rather swap cleaning out but I’m not alert enough to work before lunch. Mornings are not good f or study. Spinning will have to take a back seat.

Odds ‘n Sods

The bathroom light switch has broken – typically now we have reached the Equinox and available light is less. I shall have to find my bits in the dark until a replacement switch arrives.

By the way – I think that I love the image of my wheel from yesterday. You can just about discern Nell, curled up under my desk and waiting patiently for me to finish. The camera filters on my new phone continue to engage my attention. I am such a child.

It is time for me to consider lunch. Carrot and Ginger soup today, I think. I got that huge football of a loaf from the freezer at the weekend. We had bread and cheese for one meal, and huge crusty bacon sandwiches yesterday morning. I think we’ll just dunk the remainder in our tasty lunchtime soup today.

I should not be here. It is the ante meridian. I am supposed to be doing house.

May I leave you with a small amusement? Good morning !

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