Flushed with success

Well, it took over six hours but the toilet finally surrendered and went back together. The cistern is only fixed with one screw yet, but we are hoping that the filler sets and holds so that we may screw the other side in. It is unfortunate that whoever installed the toilet originally failed to screw it down to the floor… or to install an overflow.

Anyway, several problems have been fixed in a single swoop so perhaps the time and the anguish were worth it.

Mr L is taking things easy today and playing flight sims.

Me? I’m tidying the sales side of the Studio away for the winter. It’s boring, dusty work. I’d rather be spinning.

I tidied my desk and work bench yesterday, in readiness for Future Learn. So I now have loads of clear surfaces. It actually makes me feel quite insecure.

One table and one chest of drawers to go now and then I’ll call it a day.

I went to the kitchen to make a coffee a few minutes ago. I had to get Mr L a bag of sugar out and while I was doing that I spotted the mincemeat that I made last year. Now all I can think about is “Is it too early in the year to be making mince pies?” The old man loves a mince pie, and he certainly has earned a treat.

My treat today will be to get the spinning wheel out.

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  1. September 23, 2013

    Never too early for mince pies.

    • October 1, 2013

      I shall take that on board as the advice of an expert

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