Monday is for…

Monday is for:

  • cycling to the shops to post ATCs and buy soap powder
  • making fish crumble
  • spinning
  • more spinning
  • filling in the mortgage application form
  • sock?
  • spin a bit more

The car is still only part way to fixing, so we are car-less for at least a week to come. I couldn’t do laundry at the weekend as my remembered two boxes of detergent do not actually exist. I’ve run out of underwear, so needs must – out with the bike! That will at least get me to the post office before the deadline on these “Air” ATCs runs out.

Pollock fillets are thawing for lunch. I’ll put them in a nice sauce, probably with fresh chives, and make a crumble topping with cheese. I’ll add new potatoes and some beans or broccoli and it should be quite tasty and nourishing. The fattening part doesn’t matter, because I am cycling today and that’s a zero calorie balance for the day. No, it is. Really. Isn’t it? *sigh*

Later on I hope to spin up all the remaining Chantilly Lace roving, because I am eager to start on my stash of blues. I’d also like to turn the heel on my sock, but that’s probably a bit too ambitious – there are only so many hours in a day and completing the mortgage application looks like it might take more than a few of those. Wherever did I put my driving licence?

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